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New Power Trio




Marco Baldi

Andrea Cecchetto

Lorenzo Di Prima


Taking inspiration from the great Jazz-Fusion trios, we draw or own path through this world...

Prog Legends

The great Progressive-Rock show

Since 2022 I've been part of this awesome project. We're now on tour over italian theaters...


Alessio Menconi Guitar Institute

I have the pleasure to cooperate with Alessio Menconi, publishing Jazz Guitar books, lessons and whatnot...

About Me


Now touring theaters in Italy with the “Prog Legends” show, I'm also working with: David’s Pianosound, PULSE! Trio, and others…

In 2022 Carl Verheyen called me upon stage as a guest in 2 dates of his Italian tour.
In 2021 I won the “Jotm” guitar competition by JTC Guitar, with Josh Smith as judge.
Since 2020 I've been collaborating with Maestro Alessio Menconi, publishing several books, methods and video-lessons.

I took the Jazz Guitar Degree at the Conservatory, and had the huge honor to take private lessons with: Carl Verheyen, Mike Stern, Alessio Menconi.

Although being a Funk/Jazz/Fusion oriented guitarist, the session-player job brought me to play in a big variety of styles, genres and gigs (from the most common set-ups to Big-Band, Choir and Orchestra).
Besides, I've been conducting an intense teaching activity as a guitar, harmony/theory and ensemble instructor in several music schools.


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